Pulaski County Council and Commissioners to Discuss Courthouse, Income Tax Configuration

The Pulaski County Courthouse will be discussed during tonight’s joint county council and commissioners meeting. Architects have presented a few different options for renovating this historic courthouse and possibly adding onto the Justice Center, ranging from almost $4.9 to almost $8.6 million. County officials have also been presented with various proposals for issuing bonds to pay for the work.

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Pulaski County Council Once Again Requests More Time to Consider Tax Changes

Pulaski County Council: back row: Mike Tiede, Kathi Thompson, Brian Young; front row: Scott Hinkle, Rudy DeSabatine, Jay Sullivan (not pictured: Ken Boswell)

The Pulaski County Council wants a few more days to consider what direction to take on potential tax adjustments. The county currently has the highest income tax rate in the state, but one of the lowest property tax rates. Council members have been looking at ways to balance those, while also preparing for the end of the special income tax that was put in place to pay for the Justice Center but also covers a large portion of jail operations.

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Pulaski County Officials Asked to Consider Building Lease As Facility, Financial Discussions Continue

As Pulaski County officials consider ways to address facilities needs while also stabilizing the county’s finances, questions are being raised about why one facilities option hasn’t gotten more attention. Last month, County Council Member Rudy DeSabatine said someone has offered to build a brand new building and rent it to the county for $20 per square foot per year, which could be much cheaper than the other ideas being considered.

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Pulaski County Council, Commissioners to Discuss Courthouse Issues in Special Joint Session Tonight

The future of the Pulaski County Courthouse will be discussed during a special joint county council and commissioners meeting tonight. The meeting notice says officials will discuss options to address needed repairs to the courthouse, potential renovations to the existing buildings, the relocation of county offices, and the various plans to address the concerns with the courthouse.

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Pulaski County CDC Director Calls for Change in Culture, during State of the Economy Address

Pulaski County Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer delivers the 2019 State of the County Economy Address.

Pulaski County is its own worst enemy. That was the theme of the State of the County Economy Address delivered by Community Development Commission Executive Director Nathan Origer Tuesday. “This speech is supposed to be about the state of the Pulaski County economy, but ultimately, our problems are not economic,” he said. “They’re not even just about our fiscal health. It is time to admit what I have long been loath to acknowledge. The underlying problem hurting Pulaski County is cultural.”

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