Starke County Park Board Chooses New President

The Starke County Park Board welcomed two new members Tuesday. Attorney Richard Ballard was appointed to the board by Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall, following the resignation of Roger Chaffins. Starke County Highway Superintendent Rik Ritzler had been appointed by the county council back in January, replacing Debbie Mix. Ballard and Ritzler both took their seats on the park board for the first time Tuesday, during the board’s first official meeting since last September.

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Starke County Forest May Host Cross Country Meets


The Starke County Forest could soon host high school cross country meets. Starke County Park Board President Roger Chaffins brought up the idea during last week’s meeting, on behalf of board member Chris Lawrence, who was not in attendance. “He mentioned that we’d see if we’d be open to that,” Chaffins explained, “and if it would work, I don’t see why the schools couldn’t do something like that.”

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DNR Finds No Flood Control Violations Near Starke County Forest


The Starke County Forest appears to have been absolved from blame for flooding concerns in the local area. A letter from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources was presented to the Starke County Park Board last week. In it, an engineer in the department’s compliance and enforcement section addressed concerns apparently raised by a neighboring property owner.

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Starke County Forest Hunting Rules Questioned by County Park Board Member


Who’s allowed to hunt in the Starke County Forest and who gets to make that decision were topics of discussion during last week’s County Park Board meeting. Forester Bruce Wakeland previously told board members that he typically rents the forest to a group of hunters each year over the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s to help control the deer population, but also to raise a few hundred dollars for the forest.

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Improvements Planned to Starke County Forest Access Lanes


As the Starke County Forest’s drainage issues are being resolved, Forester Bruce Wakeland is turning his attention to improving access throughout the property. He told the Starke County Park Board Tuesday that he’s been taking with Surveyor Bill Crase about building up the access lane to prevent it from washing out. Wakeland said Crase has sand available, but funding is needed to transport it to the forest. Continue reading