Bass Lake Beach Operator Considers Giving Part of Beach Back to County, As Lease Renewal Proceeds

The Bass Lake Beach and Campground will continue to be operated by Callahan Development, LLC for another 10 years, but the company may be willing to turn some of the property back over to Starke County. The county owns the facility, but has leased it to Callahan since 2008. Now, Callahan has given the county written notice that it will exercise its option to renew the lease through April of 2028.

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Starke County Park Board May Consider Taking Ownership of Koontz Lake Lions Club Park

Koontz Lake Lions Club Memorial Park could soon be under county ownership. The Lions Club bought the site in the 1970s and has been running it as a park ever since. But with declining membership, club member Van Janovic approached the Starke County Park Board Tuesday to discuss the possibility of gradually handing the park over to the county. Continue reading

Bass Lake Beach Operator Agrees to Concrete Repairs, Asks County to Install Glacial Stone

The operators of the Bass Lake Beach have agreed to make some repairs to the property’s seawall, but they’re asking for the county’s help with some related work. The Starke County Park Board has asked the operator of the facility, Callahan Development, LLC, to stabilize the seawall surrounding the beach house patio.

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Starke County Park Board to Discuss Bass Lake Beach Maintenance, Open Timber Bids

Upgrades to the Bass Lake Beach seawall will continue to be discussed during tonight’s Starke County Park Board meeting. Board members are calling on facility operator Callahan Development, LLC to stabilize the seawall surrounding the beach house patio. Representatives from the county discussed the issue with Callahan’s attorney last month, and the entire board is expected to get an update tonight.

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Starke County Council Creates Fund for Park Donations

You can now make a donation to the Starke County Park Board. While the park board oversees a few different facilities, including the Bass Lake Beach and Campground and the Starke County Forest, it does not have a dedicated funding source from the county government. However, the county council last week created a “special non-reverting park and recreation fund,” designed to let the park board accept “gifts, donations, and subsidies.”

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Starke County Park Board Requests Repairs to Bass Lake Beach House Patio

The operator of the Bass Lake Beach is being asked to make some improvements to the beach house patio. A group of local residents and Starke County Park Board members has been working on a plan to stabilize the seawall surrounding the site. To help find a solution, they’ve obtained the original drawings from the seawall’s installation in 1988.

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Starke County Commissioners Provide Support for Starke County Park Board Project


Starke County Park Board representative Carolla Heilstedt appeared before the Starke County Commissioners last week requesting support for the proposed Yellow River Access Site project.

The project involves the construction of an access site including a gravel lane and parking area, an EZ dock kayak launch and dock. The site would be constructed on North Range Road, northwest of Knox. According to Heilstedt, the parcel is owned by Starke County and deeded exclusively for river access.

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