Efforts Continue to Add Kayak, Canoe Access Points to Yellow River

Yellow River

Starke County officials are confident that kayak and canoe access points will soon be coming to the Yellow River. During a recent Starke County Park Board meeting, board member Rik Ritzler said river access would likely be one of the first projects, if the Constellation of Starke region is designated a Stellar Community, according to County Attorney Marty Lucas.

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Starke Stellar Team Asks Community Members to Take Survey, As Letter of Intent Deadline Nears

As Starke County officials decide whether to apply for a Stellar Community designation this year, local residents are being asked to fill out a survey. It’s a way to demonstrate support from local communities to the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, according to Ron Gifford with the Starke County Economic Development Foundation.

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North Judson Town Council Takes Steps to Secure Funding for a Comprehensive Plan

North Judson officials took an important step last Monday to secure financial assistance for the creation of a comprehensive plan. An up-to-date comprehensive plan is one of the requirements for the county-wide Regional Stellar Initiative.

The total cost of the comprehensive plan project is $44,000 which is $6,000 less than what was originally anticipated. To help pay for the plan, the Town is applying for $39,600 Community Development Block Grant that is offered through the Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Continue reading

Strong Volunteer Base Highlighted During Starke County Asset Mapping Workshop

When local officials met for an asset mapping workshop on Tuesday, they were encouraged to focus on 7 different capitals; Financial, Built, Natural, Cultural, Social, Political and Human.

The workshop facilitator and OCRA Project Manager Michael Sinnet emphasized the importance of finding specific assets that fit into these categories and identifying where strengths and deficiencies exist. Continue reading

Officials in Starke County Take Some More Stellar Steps with Asset Mapping Workshop

The Starke County Economic Development Foundation hosted an asset mapping workshop in conjunction with representatives from the Office of Community and Rural Affairs Tuesday night.

Stellar Community Project Manager Michael Sinnet facilitated the exercise which was held at the Nancy J. Dembowski Community Center. Over the last few months, SCEDF officials have been working with town, city and county representatives about a local Stellar initiative. Continue reading

Comprehensive Plan Timeline Shared with North Judson Town Council

The North Judson Town Council received a schedule of upcoming dates related to the creation of a comprehensive plan.

As a reminder, a comprehensive plan is one of the requirements to be eligible for OCRA’s Regional Stellar Initiative. North Judson officials are coordinating with the Kankakee Iroquois Regional Planning Commission on the matter.

NJ Clerk-Treasurer Andrew Rowe alerted town council members on Monday that KIRPC provided him with a timeline of important dates related to the process. Continue reading