Knox K9 Takes Third Place in Fast Dog/Hard Dog Competition at Vohne Liche Olympics

Knox Sergeant Chad Dulin & K9 O’Neill

Local K9 units from the Knox and North Judson Police Departments, as well as the Starke County Sheriff’s Department, joined 140 other teams from all over the country and around the world during Vohne Liche Kennels’ Annual Olympics last month.

Knox Sergeant Chad Dulin said his K9 partner O’Neill ended up being ranked third out of 87 participating dogs in the Fast Dog/Hard Dog competition which tested agility, speed and apprehension skills.

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Local K9 Units Team Up for Vohne Liche Kennels’ Olympics

Photo Source: Vohne Liche Kennels

Three K9 Units from Starke County have teamed up to take on the “Olympics” at Vohne Liche Kennels.

The local team consists of North Judson Police Officer Rico Simpson and his K9 partner Jimy, Knox City Police Officer Chad Dulin and his K9 O’Neill, and Starke County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Brack Rowe and his K9 Zardoz.

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North Judson Police Officer Rico Simpson and His K9 Partner Complete Week 2 of Training

Photo Courtesy of NJPD Facebook Page

North Judson Police Officer Rico Simpson is at the tail end of week two of K9 training at Vohne-Liche Kennels and according to Town Marshal Kelly Fisher, things are going really well.

At Monday’s North Judson Town Council meeting, Marshal Fisher told members that Officer Simpson and his K9 Partner Jimy already have a phenomenal bond. Continue reading

North Judson Police Department Welcomes K9 Jimy to the Force

NJPD K9 Jimy

The highly anticipated addition to the North Judson Police Department is finally here.

Yesterday, Officer Rico Simpson picked his K9 partner out of more than 300 dogs at Vohne Liche Kennels. The dual-purpose K9 that he chose is named Jimy.

As a dual-purpose dog, Jimy will be able to assist with patrol work such as narcotics detection and apprehension, as well as tracking. Town Marshall Kelly Fisher previously reported that the tracking capabilities could not only help with finding criminals, but they could also come in handy for missing persons cases. Continue reading

NJ Town Marshal Updates Town Council on Department Renovations

Renovations to the North Judson Police Department are underway. The town council members recently approved Town Marshall Kelly Fisher’s request to convert the conference room into a training area.

At Monday night’s town council meeting, Marshal Fisher informed members that two old radiators were recently removed with the help of the utility department.  Continue reading

NJ Town Council Members Invited to Attend K9 Pick-Up at Vohne Liche Kennels

On Monday night, North Judson Town Marshal Kelly Fisher invited council members to tag along with NPJD as they venture to Vohne Liche Kennels in Denver, Indiana on Tuesday, February 20th.

Marshal Fisher mentioned that Officer Rico Simpson will have over 300 dogs to choose from. The chosen animal will then go home with Officer Simpson for a week in order for them to bond and get familiarized.

After the week is complete, Simpson will attend six weeks worth of training, five days a week at the Vohne Liche facility. Continue reading

Progress Made in North Judson PD K-9 Fundraiser, Additional Donations Still Needed

The North Judson Police Department is already nearing their $20,000 goal for the purchase of a K-9 and subsequent training thanks to a decision made by town council members Monday evening.

Town Marshal Kelly Fisher requested for $15,000 to be encumbered from the general police insurance fund into the K-9 fund to help cover the cost of purchasing a K-9 from the Peru-based company Vohne Liche Kennels. The council members unanimously approved Fisher’s request.

Fisher also acknowledged some local businesses and organizations that are already offering assistance to the NJPD. San Pierre Veterinary Clinic offered to donate annual shots and physicals and Feed Barn is donating all food needed for the K-9. Continue reading

Starke County Sheriff’s Department Gets New K9

K9 Terror
K9 Terror

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department has sold one of its K9s to Starke County.

Sheriff Michael Gayer told WKVI News that the K9 officer resigned abruptly and no other officer in the department wanted to resume the responsibility of K9 “Terror”. He reached out to other departments to see if a K9 could help them. One department that expressed interest was the Starke County Sheriff’s Department. The K9 and a kennel were sold to Starke County for $8,500 about two weeks ago.

The Pulaski County commissioners discussed the K9 situation Monday night during their meeting where Commissioner Terry Young was not pleased with the amount of money for which the K9 was sold. Commission President Larry Brady gave the sheriff the option of including the vehicle with the K9 and the kennel at a price of $17,000 or leave the vehicle for use by a department head. The vehicle stayed with the county.

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City of Knox Named in Federal Lawsuit

Knox is one of 50 municipalities named in a federal lawsuit. Kevin D. Miller, who was subjected to a K9 drug search of his person and car in Marshall County last year, has brought suit claiming that dog and all trained by Vohne-Liche Kennels are unreliable. Miller claimed that the dog falsely detected drugs in the car, and in the process of searching the vehicle traumatized his wife. He had initially been stopped for a traffic violation.

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