Pulaski County Inmate Death Ruled Natural Causes

The preliminary autopsy results are in for a Pulaski County jail inmate who had been found dead in his bunk. Pulaski County Coroner Steve VanDerAa said the report revealed a pulmonary embolism, or blood clot, in his lungs and heart. The coroner is attributing the death to natural causes after William Olson’s body was taken to Lafayette for the autopsy Thursday afternoon.

Pulaski County jailers stumbled upon the body on Nov. 26, when they found Olson unresponsive in his bunk. Pulaski County EMTs were called to the jail, but they were unable to revive him.

Olson, 53, had been incarcerated in the jail since Sept. 2, 2010, having been convicted of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and a probation violation. He had only four months left of his sentence. Olson was a work-release inmate and worked at Vanquard Trailer Company in Monon.