Winamac Town Council Revisits Request to Amend Golf Cart Policy

A request to amend the Winamac golf cart policy was revisited by Town Council members when they met Monday night.

Council President Tom Murray noted that when resident Tony Calabrese came before the members during their first meeting in July, they said they would take his recommendation under consideration. Calabrese asked the council to consider adding utility vehicles, such as “Kubotas”, to the vehicles allowed on town roads.

Since they haven’t met since then, President Murray said they should discuss it during the special session to reach a consensus before their next official meeting. Continue reading

Starke County EMS Director Interviewing Paramedics, Issuing Recertifications

Paramedics are needed everywhere in the state and nationwide. Starke County EMS Director Travis Clary told the commissioners this week that they are interviewing paramedics for two full-time opportunities.

“We implemented a new standard of hiring which requires a written test, skills test and oral interview to get the best candidate possible,” said Clary. “If nothing else, we can get more part-time paramedics, but really no luck so far. It seems like there’s a shortage nationwide. I know Pulaski County and LaPorte County are kinda hurting. So, that’s where we’re at with that.”

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Community Cantata Choir Call Outs Coming Soon

Although the Community Cantata Choir won’t have their final performance until Christmastime, rehearsals will be underway soon. Event coordinators and program directors Nan Folkers and Brian Liechty are still working out this year’s theme and the schedule for official try-out dates and subsequent rehearsals. Folkers said the start date should be announced in early September. Continue reading