Oregon-Davis School Board Receives Update on The Crossing Students

Starke County's Crossing campus is located next to Save a Lot on U.S. 35 south of Knox.
Starke County’s Crossing campus is located next to Save a Lot on U.S. 35 south of Knox.

Oregon-Davis Superintendent Greg Briles gave the school board an update on the students attending in The Crossing alternative school in Starke County.

There are six Oregon-Davis students that currently attend classes at The Crossing, and five more will be enrolling in two weeks. Briles stressed that when the next student count day happens in February, those students will be included toward the corporation’s Average Daily Membership, or ADM, count. The money the corporation receives for those students goes toward their enrollment at The Crossing. No additional money is spent.

Briles read from a report submitted by The Crossing staff that indicated a student who had attendance issues no longer has them. That student has been able to make things right by talking about issues during the group time. Another student with attendance issues to begin with doesn’t have those issues anymore. Briles said that student even passed the End of Course Assessment (ECAs) in Algebra.

Others have been successful in passing the ECA in English and Algebra.

Principal Tim Pletcher met with officials from The Crossing Wednesday morning so the two can be in better communication. Pletcher said communication and updates were becoming a problem so they met to resolve those issues.

More updates on The Crossing students will be given in future meetings.