Koontz Lake Conservancy District Officials Looking to Clean up Koontz Lake


The Koontz Lake Conservancy District members are looking to improve conditions in Koontz Lake.

Representative Matt Wolfe told the Starke County Commissioners last week that they are looking into watershed management by controlling water runoff from farmland, golf courses and residences into the lake. This will help curb the weeds and algae that are killing native plants in the lake. District members will discuss ditch maintenance with County Surveyor Bill Crase.

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Starke County Park and Recreation Surveys Due Tomorrow

Bass Lake CampgroundStarke County residents have one more day to weigh in on their vision for the county’s park and recreation facilities.

The Mishawaka-based Troyer group has been hired to craft a five-year parks and recreation plan for Starke County. As part of that process, they’re trying to gauge usage of the county’s recreational areas.

Specifically they are looking at Bass Lake Beach and Campground, Koontz Lake, the Starke County Forest and the trail system as assets to the county. Continue reading