Starke County Commissioners Approve Motion to Close out Federal Grant

Starke County Commissioners
Starke County Commissioners: Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom and Jennifer Davis

The Hamlet Infrastructure grant was discussed at the most recent Starke County Commissioners meeting. Starke County Development Foundation Director, Charles Weaver, requested, and received, permission to begin the process to close out the Federal Economic Development Administration Grant. Starke County received almost $2 million dollars from E.D.A. toward the water tower in the Hamlet West Park, the installation of about 2 miles of 12 inch water mains, fire hydrants, and the installation of one mile of sanitary sewer lines to service the industrial area.

“The Federal portion of that project has been completed and I sought approval, or authority from the Starke County Commissioners to close out the grant with the Economic Development Administration,” explained Charles Weaver.  “This will enable us to close out the grant earlier than the time frame allowed and we will come in under budget.  What this does for us is put us in good standing with the Economic Development Administration to receive additional grants.  In Starke County, E.D.A can fund projects up to sixty percent of the total cost of the project.”