Bruce Fingerhut Leaves Starke County Council after 12 Years

Bruce Fingerhut

Four new Starke County Council members will be taking office January 1st. After 12 years, Bruce Fingerhut decided to not seek re-election this year.

“I’d say just working with all of the people in the County,” said Fingerhut on his most proudest accomplishment. “I’ve enjoyed meeting the folks and I was trying to think of all the names of the different Councilmen that Chuck and I have served with over the last 12 years (Chuck the last 16) and I’ve gotten to know some really nice folks. Starke County is a great place to live and I’m going to continue to live here and enjoy it and spend more time working on the Trail.”

Wednesday, we hear from Bill Dulin who has been on the Starke County Council for only two years.