Charlie Collins and Kris Rannells Give Starke County Commissioners First Responder Report

Charlie Collins (L) and Kris Rannells give the Frist Responders report to the Starke County Commissioners

The Starke County Commissioners heard a report on the First Responder Training from Charlie Collins and Kris Rannells. There are now 9 certified first responders since November 15th. All scored over 90% and are operating at this time.

Every fire department in the County now has at least one first responder. The protocols are written and have been approved, according to Rannells.

“We had help from various other ambulance services and fire departments including LaPorte County, Marshall County, Clinton County, and Porter County,” said Rannells. “We took everybody’s protocols and took out what we liked and our own protocols.”

Next, they will start working on Paramedic Chase. They are looking into possible grants for this second phase of the plans.