Department of Education Releases Graduation Rates; Oregon-Davis over 90%

Dr. Steve Disney

The Department of Education has recently released graduation rates for schools in Indiana and for the first time, Oregon-Davis has gone over 90%. Superintendent, Dr. Steve Disney, was understandably proud of the accomplishment.

“We’re just so proud and we do have one of the highest rates around,” said Dr. Disney.

Ted Hayes asked Dr. Disney what he attributes the increase to.

“When I first came in, there had been a joint effort of an alternative school in the County and that was closed down for cost reasons and the three school corporations had actually partnered with this school,” replied Dr. Disney. “I just knew that that’s a key component. Obviously, the public school setting and whatever a kid may be going through, the loss of a family member, a parent, divorced parents, or whatever the case, you lose a few through the cracks. We established the alternative school my first year, and that provides a setting to keep kids in school and on that diploma track. I think that has been a large part of our success.”

Click below to see the graduation rates for other schools in the area.