Indiana State Legislators Proposing Texting and Smoking Bans

Texting and smoking bans are possible next year if legislators pass legislation proposed by a State Senator and a State Representative.

A statewide smoking ban is being proposed by State Representative Charlie Brown. Governor Mitch Daniels said he would sign a bill if it hits his desk.

“I would sign it,” stated Governor Daniels. “There’s no question we’ve certainly put a lot of effort to try and reduce smoking.”

The proposed bill would make it illegal for a driver to talk on his or her cell phone or to text. Using a bluetooth device would be legal.

State Senator Travis Holman wants to introduce a sweeping ban on texting and cell phone use while driving, “There were over 1,100 crashes with four fatalities in the State of Indiana where the driver admitted to texting or using their cell phone while they were driving.”