Love Inc. Director Discusses Eligibility and Needs for the Organization

Wendy Medborn
Wendy Medborn

Love Inc. Director, Wendy Medborn, today, talks more about the six year old organization that helps people in need throughout Starke County.

We asked Wendy what the eligibility requirements are in order to receive help from Love Inc.

“We do an intake,” she replied. “It tells us how much money you have coming into the household and how much money you have going out. That lets us know how much in need you are. Obviously if it shows your intake is $2,000 a month and you’re only spending $1,000 on your bills, we feel that you can go out and pay this bill or take care of that expenditure. We do have some clients that are right on the borderline and if we help them, we ask them if they could help donate a little money toward a project. We do have some clients that try and help. They might not be able to give us the money right then, but they have it next month.”

Wendy says the greatest need in the County is prayer.

“Everybody can help pray for Love Inc. and for us to have the wisdom on how to help people. We’re always accepting donations. We are always in need of furniture and appliances. We never have enough of those. We do different fundraisers like the walk-a-thon, cookie bazaar and the banquet where people support and volunteer with that. If you would like to volunteer, we have a lot of different areas where they can help.”

We’ll have more with Wendy tomorrow.