Love Inc. Helps Meet the Needs of Starke County

Wendy Medborn
Wendy Medborn

The Love Inc. organization is fulfilling many needs of people experiencing crisis situations in Starke County. The Executive Director of Love Inc. is Wendy Medborn.  She’s been “on the job” since August and is already realizing what a big job it is.

Ted Hayes talked with Wendy Medborn Wednesday and asked if needs have increased since so many people are out of work.

“Sometimes we have eight to thirteen calls a day and some of those we can take care of that day but some of those are huge projects we work on that might take a week, two weeks or even three weeks to get accomplished,” she replied.  “We are busy but our volunteers are consistent and very helpful.   Our churches mobilize and pull together to give us the funding that we need, we get grants and organizations that help us.  We all work together as a team in Starke County.”

“Most of our funding comes from the churches in Starke County,” she continued.  “We have a lot of individuals that give to us monthly which is excellent support for us.  Organizations help us meet a need if we don’t have all the funding that we need.”

Wendy said that most people hear about Love Inc. through churches, but there are other ways of getting through to Love Inc.

“There is also a number, I think it’s called 211, that people call and it gives them a whole list of organizations,” Medborn explained.  “They will call us and ask us and say ‘this is the need I have, can you help me?’  If we can’t help them, we will direct them to the right organization or agency.  Usually we can help them.  We’re one organization in the County that pretty much does everything.  We do not do mortgages or utilities but we do do pretty much everything else if we can.”

Wendy will tell us how we can help in tomorrow’s news.