Love Inc. Moves Closer to the Second Phase of its Mission

Wendy Medborn
Wendy Medborn

Wendy Medborn, Executive Director of Love Inc. spoke with WKVI’s Ted Hayes this week and said the organization is close to entering into the second phase of the mission.

“This phase is where we do long-term counseling,” explained Medborn. “Whether it’s finances, a job, career, cooking or marriage, it’s something that we’re going to try and get started in the community. Other Love Inc. organizations do that. It takes a lot of volunteers and it takes a lot of people needing that specific need and it is usually a year-long process. We’re doing small, little things that maybe take a week, or a couple weeks, or a month trying to learn but that is part of phase two that we’re working on.”

At the top of the organization’s agenda is leading people to Christ.

“When we talk with our clients, we pray with them right on the phone,” said Medborn. “We tell them, ‘God loves you and He sees you and He’s going to see you through this situation’. We continue to guide them in that. If they don’t belong to a church, we ask them if a pastor come out and talk to them and pray with them.   The church is to support you, encourage you and help you get on your feet. We just walk with them day by day.”

Love Inc. is dedicated to offering a helping hand in a time of need.