New Lighting in Parts of the Starke County Courthouse Deemed Unsatisfactory

Judge Hall discusses the lighting in the Courtroom with Greg Scarpone from M&I Engineering in Indianapolis

A meeting was held in the Starke County Courthouse, Thursday, between the engineer, contractor, two Commissioners and Starke Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall to assess the new lighting in various rooms, including the Starke Circuit Courtroom.

Some of the installation of lighting in the rooms controlled by the Judge was deemed to be unfinished, or unsatisfactory, by Judge Hall.

“They were in yesterday installing the system because of this grant and when they were leaving, we discovered that it looks unfinished,” said Judge Hall.  “There are empty light sockets but they said that they were finished.  That’s why we’re having this meeting today.  We’re going to do the kinds of things that it takes to make the Courthouse look the way the Courthouse should look because these changes are probably going to last 20 or 30 years.”

Two lights instead of four were installed in this fixture

Hall was asked if he thought the lighting was too bright or not bright enough.

“We just need the light to be a good work environment for all the court staff and all the employees at the Courthouse,” said Judge Hall.  “That’s why we’re working with these folks today and I think we’re going to get to that point.”

In the end, all involved seemed to be satisfied that the work would be done to the Judge’s satisfaction.

The work was part of a stimulus grant awarded to the County.  The grant was for $68,000 and for work done at the Courthouse, ambulance building, highway garage, and outside lighting at the buildings at the airport.