North Judson Town Board Receives 2011 Budget Order

North Judson Town Board
North Judson Town Board: (L to R) Dan Anderson, Jane Ellen Felchuk, Wendy Hoppe, Connie Miller (Clerk-Treasurer)

The North Judson Town Board received its 2011 budget order from the State. The Board had to cut $5,242 out of the Town’s Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund. The Town requested $9,000 and the State approved $3,758. The Fund is used for street repair and maintenance. The Town’s approved budget total is $767,964 for 2011.

Utility Superintendent, Dan Anderson, requested the purchase of equipment that would allow the Utility Department to efficiently remove snow from downtown sidewalks before they plow the streets. Anderson said the crews start clearing streets at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. and when businesses open up, all of the business owners shovel snow off the sidewalks and throw it into the street. Anderson stated that if they could do all of the work, the process would be more efficient. He thought the purchase of a small Gator with a plow would work. The Board tabled the discussion until they investigate other options.