Right to Work Legislation Bills Filed in the Indiana House

Indiana Statehouse

With sizeable majorities in both Houses, will State Republicans push for legislation that would prevent workers from being required to pay union dues? House Labor Committee Chairman, Doug Gutwein (R-Francesville), has indicated that he personally likes the idea, but would not predict whether it will be debated this session. Bills have already been filed in the House on Right to Work legislation.

Governor Mitch Daniels, though, is not too excited to promote the legislation, wanting the legislators to concentrate on school, local government, and criminal justice reform.

Supporting right to work legislation is the State Chamber of Commerce which claims it would boost investment and job creation in the state.

Meanwhile, the AFL-CIO claims workers in Right to Work states make on average $5,300 less on average than workers in states that do not have the law. Right to Work legislation, if passed, would prohibit companies from making union dues or membership a requirement of employment.