Starke County ABATE Helps Families in Need this Christmas

ABATE members unload the truck

Many churches and other organizations pitch in to help the less fortunate at Christmas time. Ted Hayes talked about two that were distributing toys and gifts Saturday, and that’s CLASP down at Winamac, and ABATE at Bass Lake.

Ted was at ABATE’s party on Saturday where the Bass Lake Country Club was packed with parents and children. Deb Young was there early signing in parents who were to receive gifts.

“I’m not sure how many we have but I know we have taken care of 91 families and 241 kids,” said Deb Young. “To look around, I think most of those 241 kids are here today.”

Angela was one of the parents there to receive gifts for her children.

“I have three children, one that is 5, one that just turned 3 and one that is one-and-a-half,” said Angela. “This is very cherishable to me because I see all these kids here who don’t have much and it’s just nice to get together.”

Ted also talked with a father who had 11 children from 17 to newborn.

This event touches the ABATE members. Ted talked with a few of them including Kim Salyer.

“It makes me feel good knowing that we can reach out and help a lot of people in the community,” said Salyer. “Times are tough now and everybody needs help. It’s just great to see kids so happy and excited to see Santa and just the little things that they get here.”

Sherri was serving drinks and cookies, “It really is outstanding what we do all year long and to help out these kids that really need it. We do a lot for kids throughout the year and we do MDA rides and we do a lot for the Brain Tumor Association.”

Ted thought the feeling of the members involved was best described by Larry Mann when he said, “It makes every hour of labor that we put in all year round worthwhile. You see that one happy little kid and it touches your heart and it makes you cry.”

The ABATE Christmas party, where families were allowed to make their childrens’ Christmas a little bit brighter.

Enjoy these pictures from the ABATE Christmas party!

Ernie and Laura Brewer
Santa Claus greeted children at the ABATE party
Terry Young and Ted Hayes
Ernie Brewer, Pat Dunn and Terry Young
Turkeys were given to families in need during ABATE's Christmas party
Ted Hayes interviews Terry Young