Starke County Auditor Michaelene Houston Leaves Auditor’s Office after 22 Years

Michaelene Houston

It is the end of an era in the Starke County Auditor’s office. Michaelene Houston spent 22 years either as a Deputy Auditor, or Auditor herself. She served as Deputy Auditor under Pam Fletcher and Mike Haugh.

“November 30th, 1984, I started as Deputy Auditor for Pam Fletcher and I worked for her for two years and one month and then Mike Haugh became Auditor and I worked for him for four years,” explained Michaelene Houston. “I then ran for the office and I was Auditor for two terms. I couldn’t run for a third consecutive term so I ran for Commissioner and I was Commissioner for four years. Then I ran for Auditor again and now I’m on my second and final term as Auditor.”

Houston was asked what she planned to do in retirement.

“I plan to be lazy,” she laughed. “I hoping to catch up on my scrapbooking because I’m years behind on that. I’ve got to get my grandkids’ scrapbooks caught up.”

Kay Chaffins will become the next Auditor beginning January 1st.