Starke County Election Board Discusses Voting Machines at Recent Meeting

Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski

Stiff buttons could be a problem in the spring.

The Starke County Election Board met last week and one of the topics of conversation was whether to have an inspection of the voting machines.  Clerk, Evelyn Skronski, said among the problems noticed on some of the machines was that the buttons to cast votes were sticking.  Also, it’s felt that some of the connections are bent.  In the end, it was decided to being the MicroVote company in to give certain machines a thorough cleaning.  If any of the machines do not pass, they will have to be replaced or repaired.  The cost for going over the machines is $50.00 apiece.

According to Skronski, all 46 of the machines used by the County are stored in a climate-controlled area in the Clerk’s office.  Skronski is worried that some of the machines could have been damaged in transportation.