Starke County Police Arrest Walkerton Man

Donald Smith

Starke County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrested 33-year-old Donald Smith of Walkerton, Wednesday, on a preliminary charge of Intimidation, a Class C Felony, and more could follow.

According to a news release from the Sheriff’s Department, officers were called to 8745 N. 1175 E. in Walkerton for a theft report. When officers arrived on scene and spoke to the homeowner, the situation escalated. The homeowner said she wanted her son, Donald Smith, removed from the property. The homeowner attempted to evict Donald 15 days prior to this incident. Smith was reportedly staying in a camper and when officers knocked on the door and announced their presence, Smith told officers that if they didn’t retreat, he would kill them or himself. After a 45 minute standoff, officers talked Smith out of the camper and arrested him.

Inside the camper, officers located several rifles, pistols, ammunition, and precursors to manufacture methamphetamine. The Starke County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Hamlet Police Department and the Walkerton Police Department.