Starke County Volunteers Keep the Bell Ringing for Salvation Army

Elaine Silvius

Have you noticed the Salvation Bell ringers at Five Star and at Bailey’s Discount on the weekends? Elaine Silvius, Service Representative for the Starke County Salvation Army Chapter, says the campaign seems to be going very well this season. Elaine said Starke County donates well to the bell ringers.

“The people of Starke County are real givers when it comes to the buckets,” said Elaine Silvius. “They always put something in.”

With federal dollars drying up for programs, the need is greater, too. Elaine was asked how they help the less fortunate.

“We help with medical, food, utilities, rent, and mortgage,” she replied. “We also assist people who have their utilities disconnected. We help in all of those areas, and more.

Elaine was asked how much will be raised during the Christmas season.

“Normally we would collect $2,500 to $3,000 which is just amazing for a small community. The people of Starke County are such givers.”

Church members, honor students, Head Start employees, sorority members, and Community Corrections volunteers help with the bell ringing activities.

If you need help from the Salvation Army in Starke County, call Elaine at (574) 772-5539.