Starke United Radio Auction Gathers $6,000

Starke United Executive Director, Edie Hall, makes sure Ted Hayes has things straight

The Starke United Radio Auction was held Friday at the CenturyLink Warehouse in downtown Knox.  After a five hour auction conducted by Ben Osinski, Starke United netted over $6,000 for it’s fall campaign.

“I’m very pleased,” said Executive Director, Edie Hall.  “I would like thank the community for their generosity to Starke United this holiday.”

Here are some fun pictures from Friday’s Starke United Radio Auction!

Knox Middle School Principal, Steve Cronk
This guy is having way too much fun at this auction!
The winner of the bicycle built for two
Judy Caudill helps a caller with a question
Brian Hall, MJ Zembala and Glenna Hahn help prepare items for the auction
Tom Berg, Ben Osinski and Ted Hayes look at bids that have been submitted for auction items
Volunteers were busy answering phones during the Starke United auction