Andy Howes’ Remains Positively Identified

Andy Howes

We are learning more details about a story WKVI broke on Saturday. Several bones that were returned to the Army in 1988 have been positively identified as belonging to Andy Howes, the young soldier from Knox who was MIA for over four decades after the helicopter he was in went down in Vietnam.

We now know there were six bones recovered (a right upper arm, a left lower arm, a right upper leg, one rib, and two other bones). All of the bones are partial and degraded, but positively match the DNA profile provided by Rob (Andy’s brother) and his late sister, Valarie.

Plans for burial are on hold, as it’s not known if the remains will be buried here, or at Arlington National Cemetery. The family has Andy’s dress blues and the Army will dress the remains in them. Andy’s great-nephew, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, will reportedly escort the remains from Hawaii.

Andy Howes

Andy is the second Vietnam MIA from Starke County to be identified. Sam Hewitt was earlier found in a grave in Vietnam and his remains also were returned for burial.

Andy Howes was a graduate of Knox High School. His parents Bonnie and Bob are both deceased.

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