Center Township Precincts in Knox to Consolidate for 2011 Primary Election

Starke County Clerk Evelyn Skronski

Starke County will go from 21 to 19 precincts in the spring Primary Election.

“We’re consolidating Center one, two, three, and four from their current locations to the Community Center,” said Starke County Clerk, Evelyn Skronski. “Hopefully, this is going to make it cost effective and voter comfortable.”

Skronski told how the voters will be notified of the new polling places.

“We make sure that we have all of the voters in our computer and then we send them each a letter explaining that they will be relocated to the new precinct.”

All four precincts will be voting in the Knox Community Center.

“There will be two Inspectors, Judges, Clerks and the Sheriffs. Voters will come in the front door and split off – one and two to the left and three and four to the right and they will continue on just like they would if they were at their regular precincts.”

If this change goes smoothly, Skronski says by 2012, seven more polling places might be consolidated.

“We’re considering consolidating precincts in Wayne, Washington, Oregon and California Townships and possibly relocating a couple of others. This could possibly happen in 2012 for the next Presidential Election.”

On another topic, Skronski told WKVI that the Election Board has reorganized. Pat Mitchell remains as President, Jim Henriott remains as Vice President, and because of her position Evelyn Skronski remains as Secretary