Comments Show Residents not in Favor Lisa Owens’ Possible Early Prison Release

Lisa Owens

A deluge of posts came into the comment area on the WKVI Discussion Board about the story on Lisa Owens yesterday. Owens is the woman who is reportedly going to get an early release from prison after being convicted of Voluntary Manslaughter in the death of her husband in 2001. Owens was sentenced to 40 years by then Starke Circuit Court Judge David Matsey after being found guilty of shooting and killing her husband in the shower. Current Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall was the Prosecutor in the case.

Both of the men have been contacted by the Oprah Winfrey Network trying to gain information about the case, as Owens will be a guest on a show entitled “Breaking Down the Bars”. She is expected to be released from the Rockville Correctional Facility in 2011, possibly as early as May.

Most of the comments to the story felt the early release was unjustified. Of the first 20 comments, only one thought release was justified.

Of those commenting of the possible appearance of Owens on the Oprah Network, one said, “Who is Oprah Winfrey to think she’s an authority on this?”

One thanked Judge Kim Hall for not appearing on the show, calling it “a circus.”