Crude Oil Prices up; Highest Since 2008

Crude Oil prices were up 17 cents Monday, settling at a multi-year high of $91.55 at the close of formal trading. This marks the first time crude has topped $90 to begin a year since 2008.

Crude prices spent the first part of last week exhibiting the lack of direction and reduced trading volume that has become expected for the trading period between Christmas and the end of a given year. The price of crude oil settled below $90 on Thursday, before staging a surprising rally on Friday to close the year at $91.38. This marked an annual gain of 15 percent and the highest year-end price since 2007.

As of Tuesday, Hoosiers are paying an average of $3.10 for self-serve regular gasoline. One week ago, that average stood at $3.07 and one month ago, it was $2.89.