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From the WKVI Archives:

Edith Gurrado

Edith Gurrado accepted a job at Starke Memorial Hospital on this date in 1952. She says her starting pay was 85 cents an hour. Beginning in the housekeeping department, Edith moved to Dietary after six months. Yesterday, she completed her 58th year on the job. Still going strong, Edith Gurrado of Starke Memorial Hospital.

31 years ago, the Ford Pinto trail began in the Pulaski Circuit Court before Judge Harold Staffeldt.

The following article was written three decades ago by Andrew Stoner:
The trial lasted for 10 weeks, and the landmark case attracted national attention. On August 10th, 1978, sisters Judy and Lyn Ulrich of Osceola and their cousin, Donna Ulrich, of Roanoke, Ill., were killed as the result of fire that engulfed their 1973 Pinto after it was rammed from behind by a van along U.S. 33, northwest of Goshen. The Prosecutor in the case contended the girls would have survived the accident with somewhat minor injuries had the gas tank of the car not ruptured and exploded. The case drew widespread national attention because few, if any, corporations had ever been tried on criminal charges. One of the important factors coming from the case is that corporations now can be charged with criminal recklessness.