Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Named H.J. Halleck Award Winner

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn

Last week we announced that Michael Shurn, the Circuit Court Judge in Pulaski County, was named the H.J. Halleck Award winner for 2011.

One of Judge Shurn’s special interests has been scouting. We asked him if he has always been interested in youth activities.

“Not really, I was involved in youth activities, I guess, from just following my children around and then when I became Judge, I have so many juvenile cases that it was sort of a natural fit to continue on in scouts. My son went all the way through so I just stayed there.”

We asked the Judge whether he was optimistic or pessimistic about this generation of young people.

“I’m optimistic,” he replied. “I try to participate in positive activities with young people because in my job I often see the negatives in relation to young people. Even those people I see lots of positive changes and they come back and say thank you and that’s always rewarding. When they do overcome their difficulties, it gives me hope and of course I see lots of good young people doing lots of good things.”

We asked the Judge about living in Pulaski County.

“I think a lot of people recognize that it is a great place to raise children. For example, my children, when they come back, even though they life elsewhere, they always enjoy coming back. People that they’ve known here who still treat them kindly follow them with great interest. They enjoy coming back and sharing the activities that they always participated in.”

Judge Shurn will be honored on February 24th at the Moss Creek Country Club.