Sanctity of Life Service Held in Knox

Residents participate in the Sanctity of Life service in Knox

A March For Life Rally will be held in Washington, D.C. today. The rally will begin at the National Mall and ends at the Supreme Court where abortions were made legal in the United States in 1973.

A “Sanctity of Life” service was held in Knox Sunday night. Prayers and hymns began the service at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, followed by a candlelight hymn sing at the Monument of the Unborn and a program at the Knox Community Center.

Father John Scott, of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church was one of the speakers at the service. He was asked why these events are held each year.

“To make people aware that life is valuable and worthwhile and that we should be fighting for life, not against life,” he said. “Too often we become so complacent with the way life goes on, especially with TV. We see life being taken in the wars and every place else. These are reminders that life is right in our hands and we need to protect it, preserve it and encourage life, especially those who don’t know the value of it.”

Father Scott was asked if he expected the Supreme Court decision to one day be reversed.

“I would hope so,” he replied. “I would hope that through the power of prayer, anything is possible and God can change even the hardest of hearts. That’s why we pray even for Al-Qaida and that their lives may change and so will the people here who don’t really know what life really means.”

Also rallying in Washington today are pro-choice groups including the National Organization of Women or NOW group.