Shocking News Reported in the Three Months

Samuel Hewitt
Andy Howes

“Three months of news that has shocked the community.” Think of it, since the remains of Sam Hewitt were found in Vietnam, and the identification of the remains of Andy Howes from the same war were made, and now the scheduled release of Lisa Owens from prison.

All three have elicited extreme emotions. From shock, to joy, to bewilderment, and anger. We have probably never had a period of time like this in the history of WKVI Radio.

Lisa Owens

Lisa Owens’ story this week has touched a nerve in people that could probably be described as unbelievable. Our comment page has been full of observations that have run the gamut. Most of them have been in disagreement with the decision to release Lisa Owens, who shot and killed her husband in 2002. A few have given us biblical passages on forgiveness.

We have heard that the decision will be the topic of many sermons at this weeks local religious services. It’s certainly the main topic of conversation in the community.

Can a person be rehabilitated for a heinous crime and be returned to a life of freedom? That is for you, the listener and reader, to answer yourself. If you’d like to comment further and feel that your message could contribute to this meaningful discussion, please do so on the proper site at On our internet site today, we have the details on the modification decision.

Yes, it has been “three months of news that has shocked the community.”