Starke County Chief Detective Gives Meth Awareness Presentation at Soil and Water Conservation Meeting

Ken Pfost, Jr.

Starke County Sheriff’s Office Chief Detective, Ken Pfost, Jr., was the guest speaker at the annual Soil and Water Conservation meeting Tuesday night at the Knox United Methodist Church. He gave a presentation about the dangers of methamphetamine.

Pfost told those in attendance about the ingredients in methamphetamine.

“Pseudoephedrine, salt, lithium batteries, starting fluid, or Coleman fuel, also lye. Those combined are the main components.”

He said that the making of meth has moved from full blown labs, to mobile labs.

“Mobile labs are what we call the ‘one pot method’,” he explained. “Before, they were using a process which involved anhydrous ammonia and that’s Kind of become a thing of the past. They are now able to make the product in one bottle, one container.”

He also said that the legislature is attempting to make it more difficult to purchase some of the ingredients to make meth.

“I know Sudafed is a big one they’re trying to  get a law passed where you have to have a prescription for that over the counter medication.”

Pfost said if people suspect anyone of making meth to please call the Starke County Police immediately.