Starke County Commissioners Discuss Proposed Burn Ordinance

Starke County Commissioners ( L to R ) Kathy Norem, Dan Bridegroom, Jennifer Davis

Approximately 20 people turned out Monday night to question the Starke County Commissioners about the proposed new burn ordinance. Numerous questions were asked about the ordinance which has been written to mirror the State’s ordinance on burning.

Many questions pertained to the enforcement of the new ordinance. The Sheriff’s Department, the Environmental Department and possibly even the Health Department will enforce the ordinance. If fire departments determine that a fire was set illegally or illegal materials were being burned, a report would be sent to the various departments mentioned for further action.

In most cases, a warning would be given on the first offense and a fine could come into play on the second or subsequent offenses.

One question that was answered immediately was that leaves and untreated wood could be burned. For huge wood piles, an IDEM permit would be necessary. The Commissioners did not approve the measure, leaving that until a future meeting.