Starke County Commissioners Make Board Appointments

Starke County Courthouse

Bob Howard has been replaced as a member of the Starke County Health Board. Howard had served for 10 years on the Board, 8 of them as President.  Although he reapplied for another term on the Board, the Starke County Commissioners named Jennifer Davis and Beverly Fraine for the two positions that were available.

Other Commissioner appointments include:

Starke County Airport Authority: No appointment made at this time

Alcoholic Beverage Board: Marvin Peters and Kenny Wallace

Community Corrections Advisory Board: Annette Zupin, North Judson-San Pierre High School Principal; Jack Garden, Porter-Starke Services; Carol Johnson, Lay Member; Lynda Draper, Lay Member

County Attorney: Martin Lucas

Drainage Board: Edward Jernas (3 year term appointment)

Starke County Health Board: Beverly Fraine and Jennifer Davis

Starke Memorial Hospital Board: Dorothy Bau and Jerry Wilson

Starke County Planning Commission: Denise Marks

Knox City Planning Commission: Freddie Baker

PTA BOA Board: Ed Hasnerl and Ron Simoni

Library Board: Michaelene Houston (to fill the term of a resigned vacancy)

KIRPC: No appointment made at this time

Visitors and Tourism Board: No appointment made at this time

Jackson Township Advisory Board: No appointment made at this time

Wage Commission: Kenny Wallace and Sandra Santacaterina

“Our goal is to assess and then appoint a fair representation of gender, political affiliation and county location to each Board. We want a good cross representation of our County. We appreciate the number of people who applied or asked for reappointment to these Boards. The different Boards play a big role in the ongoing operation of our County,” said Dan Bridegroom, President of the Starke County Commissioners.