Starke County Health Board to Consider Combining Envrionmentalist and Food Inspector Duties

Deb Hansen, Brenda Stanojevic, Dr. Bartush, Jennifer Davis, Dr. Lochner, Donna Bailey and Bev Fraine

The Starke County Health Board is considering combining the Environmentalist position with the Food Inspector’s duties. Health Nurse Frank Lynch brought the suggestion to the Board last week.

David Kesvormas, who had been selected to do food inspections on a contract basis, was in attendance and said he would not be willing to be considered for the expanded position. The Board made no decision, but would be willing to look at the job description before deciding. Until that time, the Board is willing to consider Kesvormas for the Food Inspector’s position on a contractual basis.

The Board is under time constraints as David Singleton, the current Environmentalist, has tendered his retirement notice and will be leaving February 28th. The Board would like to have the new person employed as soon as possible.

One thing that will be different is that whoever the new Environmentalist is, will probably not be doing borings and soil samples. That will need to be done by an outside soil scientist, unless the new Environmentalist is certified in the field. The sampling is needed before a septic permit can be issued.