State Health Officials Encourage the Public to be Aware of the Use of Antibiotics

State and local health officials have news for parents this cold and flu season. Antibiotics don’t work for a cold or the flu.

According to public opinion research, there is a perception that “antibiotics cure everything”. Taking antibiotics when they are not needed can do more harm than good. Widespread inappropriate use of antibiotics fuel an increase in drug-resistant bacteria. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, antibiotic resistance is the world’s most pressing public health problem. Americans of all ages can lower this risk by talking to their doctors and using antibiotics appropriately during this cold and flu season.

Residents are encouraged to get a flu shot if you haven’t done so yet this season. The Starke County and Pulaski County Health Departments welcomes those seeking the chance to curb the spread of the flu. Call either department to make an appointment.