State Representative Nancy Dembowski Concerned about Governor’s Education Proposals, Job Creation

State Representative Nancy Denbowski

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels gave his State of the State Address Tuesday night and State Representative Nancy Dembowski was concerned that the Governor did not talk about job creation.

“The Governor, in my view, failed to speak about the one most important issue that faces our State right now because we have an unemployment rate that is still hovering around ten percent and I don’t believe I heard the Governor talk a great deal about jobs, other than to say that we were an ‘isle of prosperity’. I challenge him to come to District 17 and see whether or not it is such an ‘island of prosperity’.”

Representative Dembowski was also concerned about the Governor’s education proposals.

“I think when we being talking about allowing tax monies to support more charter schools and vouchers and tax credits, we undermine the rural public school systems that I represent. I’m very concerned about that. We think in terms of choice and allowing students to go to the schools of their choice, to a degree, and that’s acceptable, but I worry constantly about the private schools that require payment to go there. Tax money will go to support schools that will be done by some corporation who decides that they want to establish a new school that will be the best for your child.”