Stuart Gast to be Laid to Rest Today

Stuart Gast

The Town of Winamac says goodbye to one of it’s favorite sons today. Attorney Stuart Gast, who passed away at 98 Sunday, will be laid to rest following services at Frain Mortuary.

Yesterday evening his fellow Kiwanians said goodbye in an joyful service that saw many of them reminisce about their friend. Gast was a member of the club for 72 years. Our own Ted Hayes was honored to be Master of Ceremonies at the service. Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Michael Shurn, who was hired as a law partner of Mr. Gast, spoke about him as the perfect mentor.

“He certainly was a mentor, one of the old time mentors that took you under their wing and taught you how to do it right rather than follow form,” said Judge Shurn. “He expected you to think and read the law, in particular, read the law and come up with what you needed to put in court rather than him tell me what to do.”