Ted Hayes Presents New Friday Program

Iccie and Seabern Bailey family. Back row: Forrest, Carl, Troy, Ivory, Marie and Lassie. Middle row: Coaet, Sharon Lea, Seabern, Betty Lou (on knee), Iccie, and Ray. Front row: Beech, James Edward and Morris

Ted Hayes begins a new Friday show today on WKVI. It’s called “Ted Hayes Remembers” and allows him to talk with interesting people and tell stories from his four decades at the station.

Ted follows the migration of the Seabern Bailey family from Kentucky to Starke County. Besides the mother and father, there were 12 children and in their own way each became a success in business and their personal lives.

One of the children, Ed Bailey, said there was love, church and work in the family.

“We all had to work and I started at nine years old working for Richard Gumz weeding onions and mint,” said Ed Bailey. “We worked ten hours Monday through Friday and Saturday we worked eight hours. I made 35 cents an hour.”

Seabern Bailey found work on the Craigmile farm. Ed talks about the crops grown on the farm.

“They raised mint, potatoes, corn and beans – just normal farm work that they did here in Indiana in our area. They raised mostly potatoes, mint and corn at that time, and soybeans.”

Hear the rest of the story at 12:20 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. CT today on WKVI-FM.