City of Knox Primary Election Filing Deadline is Today

The filing deadline for candidates seeking office in the 2011 Municipal Primary Election for the City of Knox is at Noon today. Candidates seeking office in Hamlet and North Judson have until August 1st to file.

Two people filed in the Starke County Clerk’s Office yesterday. Jane Ellen Felchuck, a Democrat, filed for the North Judson Town Board District 1 seat, a position she now holds on the Board. Kristina Pitts filed on the Democrat ticket for Hamlet Town Clerk-Treasurer.

WKVI had an opportunity to talk with City Court Judge Charles Hasnerl Thursday. Judge Hasnerl is completing is 16th year on the bench. He is currently alone on the ballot for that position, filing as a Republican.

He was asked what constituted success for him as he makes decisions on cases before him.

“The satisfaction is in the end when someone successfully completes probation, they’re able to get all their terms of probation accomplished and learn something from it,” stated Hasnerl. “That’s where the success comes in for the Defendant, not from my perspective, but just to see that and see them maybe accomplish something for the first time.”

He was asked why he is interested in running for another term.

“Several reasons, for one, it is public service and that’s very important,” replied Hasnerl. “Number two, as I said, to help people. I think we can make a difference in helping people deal with substance abuse and domestic battery and help them learn from the mistakes that they’ve made.”