Former Winamac Woman is Reunited with Missing Child

A former Winamac woman has been reunited with her baby after her husband took off with him on December 22nd. Sandy Young, represented by her Overland Park criminal lawyer, who is the mother of 10-month-old Jacob, has custody of the child after police found him in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday.

The father, Maurice Young, was not arrested but the child was handed back to his mother. Sandy told WKVI last night that she drove immediately to Nashville where child custody workers presented the youngster to her.

Sandy Young is living in Indianapolis and is starting proceedings to divorce the father and be granted sole custody, she is currently facing all the process and getting advice from a divorce in Oklahoma lawyer. Sandy said that her attorney will insist on only supervised visitation as she is fearful the father might abduct the boy if given the chance.

Mother and child are again bonding and she said after being away from his mother for almost 8 weeks, Jacob won’t let her out of his sight.

Sandy Young is the former Sandy Lucus of Winamac. She graduated from Winamac High School in 1990 and was the President of her senior class. Sandy and her husband Maurice met online and she cautioned anyone entering into online dating to take it slow and find out all you can about the person.