Harold Weinberg to be Featured on Friday’s ‘Ted Hayes Remembers’ Program

Harold Weinberg and Alice Kay at the WKVI Night at the Starke County Fair

WKVI Radio began broadcasting in 1969. It’s unusual for a station this size to have two of the original members of the announcing staff still broadcasting. Ted Hayes and Harold Welter were the first voices ever heard on the air in July of 1969. Between them, they have a lot of memories.

How many remember the tag line, “All Roads Lead to Weinberg’s in Toto?”

Weinberg’s was known as one of the first of the great discount stores. Harold Weinberg and his sister Rose could be seen on a daily basis running the store every day except Tuesday, when Harold went to Chicago to shop for merchandise.

Harold had hobbies, but what he was known for was following Knox Redskins sports. Gone for 22 years, this lovable man will be remembered tomorrow on “Ted Hayes Remembers”. Harold Welter and Ted Hayes interviewed Harold Weinberg at the store in before his death in 1989. The tape has never been heard.

“I went to school in New York City and I studied Business Administration but my secret ambition was to be a basketball coach,” revealed Harold Weinberg. “I think I would have been a good coach.”

Be listening tomorrow at 12:20 p.m. and 4:45 p.m. CT when Ted Hayes will remember Harold Weinberg.