News from the Knox City Council

Knox City Council (L to R) Linda Berndt, Jeff Berg, Ron Parker, Clerk-Treasurer Jeff Houston, Mayor Rick Chambers, Attorney David Matsey, Ed Blue and Greg Matt

Mayor Rick Chambers told the City Council members this week that the sign at the Community Center has to be replaced. The sign is 12 years old and is obsolete. The control box has quit.

The time clock at City Hall has quit.

“It’s an hour off and there’s no way to adjust it,” said Mayor Chambers. “They want about $300 to come in and fix that. I don’t know how long the time clock has been here. A new one is anywhere between $250 and $900, depending on what you get. We either need to get a new time clock or just do away with the time clock.”

Chambers announced that the pictures of past Mayors will have a new home.

“We’re changing the placement of the Mayor’s pictures up here in the hallway. Nobody could read them. There are little plaques on them and people come in almost daily and ask the dates and the names. They have been taken down and I’m having new plaques made that will fit on the glass and they will be easier to read. We’re thinking of moving them into the Council Chambers.”