Pregnancy Resource Center to Open in Knox on March 15th

Susanne Lange

A pregnancy resource center will be opening in a few weeks. Susanne Lange, a registered nurse, will be the administrator of the crisis center that has been named Bella Vita, which means beautiful life.

“What we’re going to have what we call crisis counseling,” Lange explained. “When a woman or girl comes in and she’s trying to make a decision, we’ll have trained counselors that she can sit with and talk about her options and make a decision. Our ultimate goal is to save the life of the unborn child”

Whether you’re 50 or 15 struggling with the decision of terminating your pregnancy or carrying the baby to full term, and birth, your financial situation should not be a consideration.

“It’s a financial concern for these people,” Lange stated. “We’ll have what we call our baby bucks program and the girls can go through our various educational classes. They can take our counseling classes and they can earn baby bucks and they’ll turn those baby bucks in for various items. They can purchase maternity items and items for their children up to two years post birth.”

The pregnancy resource center will be located in the Francis Myers home on Heaton Street, which has been leased to Bella Vita for $1.00 a year. The opening of the center is scheduled for March 15th. Training will be provided February 22nd through the 26th. If you need assistance with a pregnancy decision now, you can call Susanne at 772-2877 or (708) 903-0894.