Pulaski County Commission Board Looking for New Director

Pulaski County Courthouse

The Pulaski County Development Commission Board is looking for a new Director. Director Dan Dolezal submitted his resignation recently, listing April 1st as his final day on the job. In an interview with WKVI last week, Dolezal said he told the board, “April 1st and that’s no joke.”

Dolezal accepted the position as the Development Director six years ago after a long career in the health field. He told Ted Hayes last week that , “After a few weeks of retirement I found myself sitting on the front porch having an intense conversation with my three cats, and realized it might be time to go back to work.”

On a serious note, Dolezal said “job retention” in Pulaski County was his most satisfying accomplishment. Other things he has taken pride in assisting with are the Star City sewer installation and the Panhandle Pathway project. He hopes that CDC Board can get his successor in place soon so he can help in the training process.

After all he said, “Those three cats are waiting for me at home to point me in the direction of the next phase of my life.”