S.C.P. Property Sells in Starke County Tax Sale

The S.C.P. property sold Tuesday in the tax sale conducted at the Starke County Annex. S.C.P., doing business as the Federal Group on Culver Road in Knox, had been placed on the sale for back taxes of $93,000. The company’s four parcels of land and buildings were put on the auction, with opening bids of $300.00.

Purchasing all four of the parcels was the Starke County Economic Development Foundation, with with Ben Osinski of the Foundation’s Board placing the bids. The 40 acre parcel of land went for $500 and the other three parcels went for $300 a piece.

Officials of the Economic Development Foundation wanted to be assured that the property and buildings remained an industrial concern, and if the four parcels are ever deeded to the Foundation, a decision will be made on how to market them.

According to terms of the auction, S.C.P. now has 120 days to redeem the property by paying the back taxes. If indeed the property is redeemed, the Economic Development Foundation will be able to get their money back from the Auditor.

In all, 131 properties were on the sale.