Doctor Appreciation Week this Week at IU Health Starke Hospital

Dr. Alfran

This week is Doctor’s Appreciation week at IU Health Starke Hospital. Today, Dr. Almuhannad Alfran, a Hospitalist at the Starke hospital is in to talk about his area of responsibility.

We asked Dr. Alfran what constitutes the responsibility of a Hospitalist.

“A Hospitalist is a physician who has special training in managing patients who are admitted to the hospital,” said Dr. Alfran. “You can call them specialists in hospital medicine or treating patients in the hospital. A lot of times they are internal medicine and family practice physicians but with more particular experience and training in managing the more critically ill patients. Patients who are admitted to the hospital are usually sicker and need a lot more attention than patients who you see in the office. Sometimes with these patients, you need to go back in ten minutes to take care of them rather than telling them to come back in a week. They need a physician to be available should that moment come.”

Dr. Almuhannad Alfran, a doctor helping provide coverage when the primary physician is not available to a hospitalized patient. He bridges the gap between the patient and their doctor.